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Floor Coverings International – serving the greater Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas – is your local solution for vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, and it can come in two forms – sheet and tile. If you are interested in installing vinyl flooring in your home, we are available both for showroom appointments and convenient, in-home estimates to our customers in the area.

Our team of flooring specialists is prepared to assist you from start to finish during the purchase, design, and installation of your new floors. We have many years and a wide range of experience under our belt, so you can trust us here at FCI Albuquerque to be both professional and knowledgeable about your vinyl flooring project.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Our customers love vinyl flooring because it is cost-effective and it feels very soft underfoot. Vinyl flooring is also highly durable and will age well without losing much quality. Also, vinyl flooring bears a close resemblance to hardwood or tile flooring, so it can be a more affordable alternative to these flooring types. Vinyl flooring can usually be installed directly over old floors without any issues, and it is quite easy to clean.

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On the other hand, one of the main disadvantages of vinyl flooring is that it can be harmful to people with allergies. Sometimes VOCs can be released during vinyl flooring installation, so it can cause air quality problems. However, with the recent push to be more kind to the earth, most installers will do their best to install vinyl flooring in the most earth-friendly way possible. Additionally, the soft surface of vinyl can cause it to be damaged if sharp objects are dropped on it.

We carry a large selection of vinyl flooring types, colors, and styles that are suitable for any room. Because we are partnered with top manufacturers, we have access to all the major brands at reasonable prices.vinyl floors Albuquerque

A Note From Our Owner

“Call us today at FCI Albuquerque to explore our variet of cost-effective, versatile vinyl flooring products.” – Tom Poulin, Owner