albuquerque mosaic tile Not much in the world of flooring can beat the dazzling visuals of professionally installed glass mosaic tile! Small, vibrant pieces come together to make an incredible whole, a work of art in your own Albuquerque home. These tiles are not merely an option for backsplashes and flooring — they are a bold option for your home decor and pack a visual punch!

At Floor Coverings International Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we love exploring all of the flooring options out there, and today we cover one of the most brightly lit corners of the flooring realm — mosaic tile!

Maintenance and Safety

Glass mosaic tile is resilient in a way that not all floors can claim to be. Unlike hardwood and stone, which are vulnerable to staining or blemishing from the wrong cleaning agents, glass mosaic tiles are completely resistant to chemical cleaners, retaining their shine through the heaviest scrubbing session.

They are also rarely impacted by mold or insect damage, which can plague some other floors. Of course, while resistant, mosaic tiles are made of glass, so they’re vulnerable to the impact of heavy objects. Cracks can develop if heavy objects are dropped on mosaic tiles, and these should be addressed immediately by professionals. Otherwise, the cracks may grow and lead to glass fragments on your mosaic floors!

An additional concern is slippage due to spills. When wet, glass tiles can become slick and difficult to walk on safely. This is easily managed by using a towel to soak up any liquids, and certain rooms in the home might benefit from a non-slip area rug to ensure there is always a safe option in the event of a spill.

albuquerque mosaic tile

Resale and the Environment

Glass mosaic tile is an unique choice in flooring, and it can be intimately customized to meet your interior design goals. If your long-term plans include selling a home, mosaic tile is an excellent way to enhance home value and raise the price point.

However, mosaic tile itself will be installed at a higher initial price, so this is something to weigh as you make your flooring decisions.

Despite its higher cost, mosaic tile costs less environmental interference. Taking roughly half the energy required to produce ceramic tile, it can also be salvaged from glass refuse, consuming fewer raw materials.

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