white oak hardwoodChoosing the right flooring for your home in the Albuquerque, Santa Fe area is no easy task when there are so many great options out there. There seems to be something new coming out every day in the flooring world in terms of materials, designs, and trends. However, if you’re looking for a tried-and-true material that is known for its numerous benefits, hardwood may be the best material for your Santa Fe home. In fact, many homeowners select hardwood floors for their classic, timeless appeal. They are a safe investment when you want to add value to your home or if you’re considering selling your property in the near future. Today we take a look at white oak hardwood, which offers quite a few benefits to Santa Fe homeowners.

Benefits of White Oak Hardwood

Here are some of the benefits that Floor Coverings International Albuquerque and Santa Fe has found:

  • Affordability: White oak hardwood is a domestic species that is common in the Eastern and Central United States. It’s on the list of the 100 most common trees in the country. Its prolific nature and shorter shipping times make it more affordable compared to other hardwoods available.
  • Versatility: It has a naturally light color and subtle grain, which means it is easy to stain and refinish. The lighter canvas of white oak expands your design capabilities, whereas dark wood can sometimes be difficult to stain. Instead of spending more on imported cherry wood for that deep red you want, you can stain this wood red to achieve similar results.
  • Smooth Texture: White oak has a smooth grain, which means that you don’t have to work as hard when sanding it to produce a comfortable texture.
  • Durability: This hardwood has a Janka hardness score of 1360, which is high for an American hardwood. However, it is not incredibly hard to the point where it’s difficult to work with. It’s just soft enough to cut and shape for custom floor designs but without being too prone to damage from impacts, dents, and foot traffic.

Add White Oak to Your Santa Fe Home

Have you been wanting to install new hardwood floors? While the perfect flooring will depend on the particular needs of your home and project, white oak can be a great choice for many different Santa Fe households. To explore this flooring and other great options for your home in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, contact Floor Coverings International Albuquerque and Santa Fe today!

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