With its warmth and beauty, hardwood flooring is widely considered a Santa Fe flooring staple. At Floor Coverings International Albuquerque and Santa Fe we stock a variety of styles, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect fit for your home. Differentiating species can be difficult, so we want to highlight walnut hardwood, one of our favorite types of hardwood. Keep on reading to learn more about walnut and find out if it is the right option for your Santa Fe home!walnut hardwood santa fe

Appearance of Walnut Hardwood

The deep tone of walnut hardwood will make a bold statement in your Santa Fe home. While it is typically dark brown in color, our experts at Floor Coverings International Albuquerque and Santa Fe can adjust the hue with a subtle stain. A light shade of walnut will blend in with a traditional style home, while a dark shade can add the perfect contrast to modern décor. From caramel to deep brown, we can help you find the perfect walnut stain for your home.

American Walnut vs. Brazilian Walnut

The key difference between American walnut and Brazilian walnut is durability. While both styles can be considered durable, exotic Brazilian walnut is dramatically more scratch resistant. With a ranking of 3,684 on the Janka Hardness Scale, Brazilian walnut is one of the hardest woods in the world. As a result, Brazilian hardwood flourishes in high-traffic areas of the home. There is a downside to its durability: the wood is tough to work with, making it relatively rare and pricier than other hardwood styles.

With a Janka ranking of 1,010, American walnut has a similar ranking to other domestic hardwood species, like cherry and white oak. From your kitchen to living room, American walnut can work well in any area of your Santa Fe home. If you are especially worried about the possibility of scuffs and scratches, consider installing an area rug over the wood.

walnut hardwood santa feCare & Maintenance

Walnut hardwood isn’t a high-maintenance flooring style, but to keep it in peak appearance, it should be regularly maintained. Sweep or vacuum the floor every week, to stop the buildup of dust and debris. Immediately clean up spills to prevent water damage. Every 7-10 years, have the flooring professionally refinished. Our experts can give you guidance to make your hardwood last.

Start in Santa Fe Today!

Do you think that walnut is the right hardwood flooring for your home? Schedule a free, in-home design consultation to talk through your hardwood flooring options with one of our expert Design Associates. We will bring walnut samples, so you can see exactly how it would work in your home. We are proud to serve the greater Albuquerque, Santa Fe area.

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