birch hardwoodYour floors are an integral part of your home and they should be both functional and attractive. Birch hardwood flooring is just one of the fifty or so species of wood that can be used for hardwood floors and it has a number of unique benefits. Here’s why you should consider this type of hardwood floor for your Albuquerque, Santa Fe home.

Why Choose Birch?

Many homeowners choose birch wood because it’s easy to work with. It has a straight, tight grain and is easy to cut and sand. It holds nails well due to the tightness of the grain and readily absorbs the stain of your choice. It is also a beautiful hardwood and will give your home a warm and airy feel.

Wide Variety of Birch Options

Many Albuquerque, Santa Fe homeowners choose birch floors because of the wide variety of colors that birch is available in. Birch can be light or dark, which suits a number of different decor tastes and styles. There are natural highlights that are often seen in birch wood that can provide character and charm to the floor. The most popular types of birch wood used in home hardwood flooring include:

  • Yellow birch — the sapwood is creamy yellow or white in color, while the heartwood is reddish brown.
  • Sweet birch — the sapwood is light brown in color, while the heartwood is a darker brown with a reddish tint.
  • Curly or flamed birch — the colors of the sapwood and heartwood are quite different and this type of birch wood has the appearance of waves in the grain.
  • Paper birch — also called silver birch or canoe birch, this type of wood is much softer than other types of birch and is not used often in flooring.

Benefits of Birch Hardwood Flooring for Albuquerque Homeowners

Homeowners enjoy birch floors because, like most hardwoods, they are easy to keep clean and continue to look great over time. Unfinished birch can be cheaper than other types of hardwood, and the variety of colors allow homeowners to find a look that suits their unique style. Overall, birch is an excellent choice in hardwood flooring and our design associates can help you select the best type of birch for specific installations.

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