bamboo flooring Albuquerque

Floor Coverings International is your top local provider for bamboo flooring in the greater Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas. With the recent global push to go green, eco-friendly flooring options such as bamboo have become more and more popular. Bamboo is classified as a sustainable flooring product because it has a much higher regrowth rate than traditional timber.

Our team is extensively experienced in a wide range of hardwood flooring projects, including bamboo. We will advise you on which bamboo flooring product is best for your project, offer style guidance, and perform a professional, efficient installation.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Our customers love bamboo flooring because it is eco-friendly and still as durable as traditional hardwood. Harvesting bamboo has less of an impact on the environment as harvesting timber, but it still has the longevity and graceful aging properties of traditional hardwood. Bamboo flooring is also very easy to clean and known for its sleek, contemporary appearance.

bamboo flooring Albuquerque

On the other hand, bamboo flooring can be prone to scratches and scuffs. If you are expecting heavy foot traffic in the room where you have having bamboo flooring installed, make sure it is properly sealed so you won’t have to constantly worry about scratching.

We carry a huge selection of colors and styles of bamboo flooring that would be great for any room in your home or office. Because we have partnerships with leading manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers the best brands at affordable prices.

bamboo flooring Albuquerque

A Note From Our Owner

“Choose bamboo flooring if you’re looking for a sturdy and earth-friendly hardwood product.”– Tom Poulin, Owner