Floor Coverings International is the one-stop shop for Berber carpet in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and their surrounding areas. You can tell Berber carpet apart from other carpet weaves for two main reasons: first, Berber carpet is characterized by its composition of both large and small tufts. Also, it typically has the appearance of a light background with flecks and spots of dark carpet throughout.

Our flooring specialists are highly experienced in a variety of carpet projects, including Berber carpet. We will assist you in choosing the best Berber product for your needs, offer design tips, and perform a quick, professional installation of your new carpet.

berber carpet Albuquerque

Advantages & Disadvantages

The main benefits of Berber carpet are that it is stain-resistant, comfortable, and sturdy. Berber carpet is one of the thickest carpet weaves, so it feels very soft underfoot; this makes it popular in bedrooms and living rooms. Berber carpet also won’t absorb spills and stains as much as other carpet weaves, and its light-and-dark contrast pattern is available in many different color combinations, making it a versatile choice. Berber is also one of the more cost-effective and budget-friendly carpet choices.

However, you should reconsider having Berber carpet installed if you own cats. Cats tend to use the cushy tufts of Berber carpet as their own personal scratching posts. Once a Berber carpet loop is damaged or pulled out, it can cause widespread unraveling throughout the rest of the carpet. Additionally, in the rare event that Berber carpet does absorb a spill, it can be harder to scrub out due to the carpet’s tightly-looped composition.

We have access to a huge variety of colors, styles, and patterns and Berber carpet, so you can surely find a product that suits your project’s specific requirements. Because we are backed by top manufacturers, we are able to offer a versatile range of carpet products at affordable prices.

berber carpet Albuquerque    berber carpet samples Albuquerque

A Note From Our Owner

“If you are looking for a multi-purpose, sturdy, comfortable carpet for your home, then Berber carpet is the perfect choice!” – Tom Poulin, Owner