For more than 36 years, the Poulin Design Center has been a mainstay of Albuquerque and Santa Fe remodeling. Starting as just a husband and wife team and growing into the suite of 4 fantastic companies it is today has been an exceptionally rewarding process, and it’s all thanks to our incredible customers. We have grown into being able to service any and all home renovation needs, because of our expert team of licensed, bonded, and insured contractors and craftsmen. See below for a list of our companies and our unique process.

poulin design center AlbuquerquePoulin Design Remodeling is our all-encompassing remodeling service. We are able to perform everything from additions to patio coverings to decks so that you can achieve your dream home.  As we have grown over the years, Poulin Design Remodeling has been supported and expanded as we add new specialized companies to our family.

5 Day Kitchens Albuquerque  5 Day Kitchens is the full-service kitchen remodeling branch of our company. This business originated when Tom Poulin decided to create a kitchen renovation model based on the feedback he had received from past customers. From a full kitchen remodel to a refreshing cabinet refacing project, see 5 Day Kitchens for all of your kitchen remodeling needs.

Re-Bath AlbuquerqueRe-Bath has been the premier provider of bathroom remodeling services – specializing in bathrooms for the elderly and/or disabled – for many years. We decided to add a Re-Bath location to our family of companies to further expand our remodeling expertise to include bathrooms. If you need a bathroom renovation, you can contact the Re-Bath branch of our company. We provide everything from walk-in tub installation to bathtub-to-shower conversions.

Floor Coverings International Albuquerque  Floor Coverings International is the newest member of our Poulin Design Center family. We appreciate the unique in-home, full-service business model of FCI, and we felt it was a great fit for our company. Floor Coverings International’s cutting-edge 3-D flooring design software meshes perfectly with our philosophy of letting our customers visualize their product and design choices. We carry an extensive array of flooring products, including everything from traditional choices like hardwood and carpet to more unconventional products such as vinyl and bamboo flooring.


Our Process

The four main pillars of our one-of-a-kind remodeling process are what have kept our company strong and our customers satisfied for so many years.

  • First, you get to design your project with your own personal designer. Our designers have a wide range of expertise – they have to, with all of the remodeling services we offer! – and are ready and eager to help by offering style guidance.
  • Next, you get to choose your products from our massive selection, so that your remodeling project is truly customized for your preferences.
  • Our 3-D visualization software allows you to see your project before you fully commit, so you can see exactly what your completed job will look like in your home.
  • Finally, we believe in the power and trustworthiness of one contractor accountability, so we make sure to personally select our remodeling and installation team. Our years of experience with the quick process of 5 Day Kitchens has taught us to complete every project quickly, while ensuring that our jobs are professional and executed with top-notch craftsmanship.