wood look tile

You may have seen it, but you might have thought it was solid hardwood.  That’s right, the wood-look tile varieties available today are pretty convincing.  So, where does it make sense to use ceramic tiles that mimic the look of hardwood?  Here are some ideas from the experts at Floor Coverings International in Albuquerque.

Kitchen Flooring 

Maybe you want the look of hardwood flooring in the kitchen but aren’t too keen on the idea of sanding and refinishing the floors over the years to maintain the floor.  That’s where wood-look tile can make sense!  Get the look of hardwood with the moisture resistance and durability of tile. If one tile becomes damaged, it’s a quick and easy replacement.


Tile always makes sense in the bathroom and wood-look tile is a trendy way to give a unique tile look to your bathroom.  Try combining the wood-look ceramic tile with a green color scheme to get a natural, woodsy feel. Or combine the wood-look tile with industrial finishes and style such as metal tiles, and glass.


Butcher block countertops are becoming more and more popular; wood in kitchen design is a timeless choice.  But sometimes you can add in wood without actually adding any wood at all.  A wood-look tile backsplash in the kitchen provides a modern and clean look that will stay in style for decades. That leaves you open to choose granite or marble on the countertops, a choice that will outlast the butcher block.

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Photo: Katja el Sol