New Carpet AlbuquerqueThere’s nothing quite like fresh, clean, new carpet.  Whether you’re adding in carpeting to your bedroom, the hallways, your dining room, or the living room, the experts at Floor Coverings International in Albuquerque can help!  You may think you’ve heard it all when it comes to carpet, but here are some carpet trends to watch and even consider for your home!

Patterned Carpet 

And we’re not talking about the dated, floral prints of yesteryear.  There are actually beautiful, elegant, and simple carpet patterns available.  Choosing patterned carpet means you’re making the carpet the focal point of the room.  So you’ll want to ensure other accent areas are more muted including furniture, throw pillows, and curtains.

Berber Carpet

Loop pile carpet or Berber carpet is on the rise.  This carpet won’t show wear patterns, it’s easy to maintain, and it offers a very low-pile style to your home.  You can even place area rugs on top of berber carpeting to give your flooring more variety. Berber provides and natural and earthy look that many homeowners choose to feature in the living room or the basement too!

Carpet Tiles 

Carpet tiles are a great way to add in texture, variety and color to your new carpet flooring.  Many homeowners install carpet tiles in a bonus room or a playroom.  If the carpet tile gets stained in any way, you can always easily replace a single tile to remedy the situation.

Wool Carpet

Wondering how to get that luxurious, plush feeling underfoot with your new carpeting?  Wool carpeting may be just the thing!  Wool carpet is made of natural fibers that are warm, soft, and incredibly durable.  Wool carpet will last for many years when properly cared for and it is naturally flame resistant as well!

Area Rugs 

When you have hardwood flooring or laminate flooring installed in your home, you may want a warmer, softer surface in the winter months. That’s when a strategically-placed area rug can work wonders. Add in the rug in your living room, or add in the rug to frame your dining room table.  This allows you to get the best of both flooring worlds!

Still have questions about new carpet?  Call the experts at Floor Coverings International in Albuquerque and speak with one of our flooring experts.  We offer free design consultations!

Photo: Iriana Shiyan