carpet experts AlbuquerqueMany people are navigating toward using natural solutions in their homes. The problems that many of us encounter often leave us wondering if there is a natural way to treat the issue at hand.  Hopefully, this post will help you understand more about what natural remedies are effective and how they work. The experts at Floor Coverings International Albuquerque and Santa Fe outline everything you need to know below.

With any carpet cleaner, test a hidden area of your carpet for color-fastness before using any of these solutions. You want to ensure that you know the result on a small area before rolling out a solution carpet-wide!

Carpet Stain Cleaners

Under this category fall soaps of all kinds (dish, bath, and laundry). By their nature, they need water in order to work. Stains are largely tiny physical pieces of material that get lodged into the threads of carpet, upholstery, and fabric. Soap works to enhance the dissolving effects of water. It enables the water to seep into the solid matter and oils in a stain and break them up into smaller pieces.

Homeowners can also use the power of heat to help extract a carpet stain.  Your iron doesn’t just help you get the wrinkles out of dress shirts, it can also be your very own mini-steam cleaner!  Simply lay a damp towel down over the affected area and press down with the hot iron.

Natural Alternatives

Homeowners might also turn to natural solutions such as vinegar, salt, and essential oils (many homeowners choose lavender) to create a mixture that is safe for the carpet and natural.

Baking soda is another great thing you’ll likely have around the house that can help to absorb and stain and help deodorize in the process.

It also doesn’t hurt to get some bubbles on your side when it comes to cleaning a carpet stain. Often club soda can be a great way to help work the stain out of the carpet fibers!

Lemon juice is highly acidic and can be great when combined with salt as a carpet cleaner.

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