Here at Floor Coverings International Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we are privileged to interview some of America’s leading designers and bloggers as part of our Designer Influencer Interview Series. Our goal is to give our readers valuable advice they can apply to their own lives and homes. In our latest interview, we are pleased to introduce Andrea of Queen B and Me. You can follow Andrea on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+.

Queen B and Me

Please tell us a little about yourself.

People tell me they have never met anyone that has had as many career changes as I have…or that does as many different things as I do, all at once!

Well honey, welcome to the life of a multi-passionate entrepreneur!

Currently I write at, where I share our family’s journey of a complete home remodel as well as interior design tips. I studied interior design in high school and college and I live to remodel and decorate (I always have!). I also create one-of-a-kind wedding bouquets & floral arrangements, style photo shoots, and most importantly I’m a Mom. Phew! I know what you are thinking…I will admit, I don’t do ALL of these things everyday. I split them up as I choose and create my own schedule. This way I can still do all of the things that I love, and still be a ‘stay at home’ Mom!

Why did you decide to start a blog? What do you enjoy about blogging?

I actually started a private blog back in 2008 to ‘journal’ about my family. However, that is NOT one of my strengths so I let it slide. But then my hubby bought me an old house in 2010 that we could remodel, so I forced myself to journal about it, and that’s when Queen B and Me was born.

I love blogging purely to inspire and uplift others. If I can set a spark or encourage someone to take on a project (big or small) then I have done my job!

How would you describe your design style?

My design style is all over the place, I LOVE to break design rules! Right now my house is very English-cottage meets modern-farmhouse. But if I could build a new house or remodel an old one RIGHT NOW, my style would be very ancient-French inspired. I love color and I love black and white stripes!

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

I cannot pinpoint any one place that my inspiration comes from. If I am decorating or remodeling for a client, I need to be inspired by what they like, and what is allowed within the budget.

If I am doing a project for myself I look within and focus on what makes me happy. I stare at different styles and colors until something SPARKS!

Tell us about a recent project you’re proud of.

My cottage bathroom (I’m still in love). See below.

Queen B and MeQueen B and MeQueen B and MeQueen B and MeQueen B and Me