home office flooring Albuquerque When you’re trying to work at home, you need to make sure you have a distinct work station where you can focus and be productive.  Many homeowners opt to make a home office. But where do you begin?  Here are some quick tips to make sure your home office is a functional and creative space from the experts at Floor Coverings International Albuquerque.

Get Rid of Non- Essential Items

Often times you might find yourself tempted to store things in your office or to try to create your workspace in another room that already has another function.  Once you decide you’re having a home office make sure that room only gets furniture and items that are relevant to your workspace.

Figure Out Your Lighting

How are you expected to have bright ideas if your office is dimly lit or if you have no natural light?  Consider putting your desk near a window or skylight to get you that vitamin D! Lamps are also a popular choice and can give you some control over your lighting situation at all hours.

Work Surfaces are Key

Depending on what work you’re trying to complete in the home office, you may need a different type of surface.  If you’re working on a computer, make sure you have plenty of space and even room for another monitor if necessary. If you’re sketching or drafting, be sure to select a much larger table or desk to give yourself enough space. Having adequate storage can help to ensure your surfaces stay clear.


Surround yourself with your favorite color scheme.  Just because you’re in this room to get work done doesn’t mean you can’t have a design that motivates and inspires you.  Paint the walls, add an area rug, or hang a piece of art.


At Floor Coverings International this is the category we know best.  Consider adding in bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, solid hardwood, or even vinyl flooring.  If you’ll be in a rolling chair be sure to consider that with your flooring choice as well. If you have a color in mind for the floors, we can show you many options that will give that look.

Call the experts at Floor Coverings International Albuquerque today for a free design consultation to get started!

Photo: Artazum