kitchen vinyl floor Albuquerque Floor Coverings International Vinyl may not be at the top of your flooring wish list but many homeowners are discovering this unique, affordable, and stylish material deserves a second chance. Here are some fast facts on luxury vinyl tile from the experts at Floor Coverings International here in Albuquerque.

The Look You Want 

Many homeowners have their hearts set on hardwood flooring or natural stone flooring only to find out the materials costs make those design dreams out of reach, especially for larger rooms.  That’s where luxury vinyl tile comes in.  This flooring option can believably mimic the look of hardwood and natural stone. You’ll be surprised by the flooring samples to see how the textured finishes  on luxury vinyl tile can help make your floor look like stone or hardwood.

Simple, Easy Maintenance 

With luxury vinyl flooring you won’t find yourself dealing with cracked tiles that can be difficult to replace.  You also won’t have to sand and refinish the floor to keep it looking its best as you would with hardwoods.  Instead, luxury vinyl flooring makes it easy to keep your flooring looking great year after year. The material is water resistant, durable, and can be maintained by regular sweeping and mopping.

Where to Add Vinyl to Your Home 

If you’re wondering where to add luxury vinyl flooring to your home you should start with your entryway.  Oftentimes it’s essential to have a durable flooring option strategically placed to deal with all the coming and going near the front door.  Also, consider vinyl in the kitchen, the bathroom, the dining room, or even the living room.

Ready to learn more about luxury vinyl tile flooring in Albuquerque?  Call us today and we’ll schedule a free design consultation where we can go over all the style options for your new flooring! We look forward to making your next flooring project a success!