Albuquerque carpet flooring optionsThere’s something about carpet that can’t be beat.  The warm, cozy surface makes living rooms instantly more inviting.  When it’s time to add new carpet to your Albuquerque area home, you may find yourself with some questions.  You’re not alone!  Here are some frequently asked questions and some helpful answers from the experts at Floor Coverings International in Albuquerque.

What are carpet fibers made of?

Carpet can be made of many different materials.  You can choose to go with luxurious wool carpeting which provides excellent warmth, comfort, and natural stain resistance. You can also install nylon carpeting, which is one of the most popular carpet fibers available. There is also a huge variety of polyester carpet fibers to choose from as well. Each fiber type will vary on price, stain resistance, and texture. The best way to quickly see which carpet you’d prefer is to feel carpet samples for yourself.

What pile should I choose?

When it comes to choosing carpet pile, you need to consider where the carpet will be installed in your home.  Is this a high traffic area?  Will the carpet need to stand up to a high likelihood of spills in a playroom or dining room? Low-pile berber or loop carpet works really well for home offices, hallways, and more.  Berber wins in the durability category, but when it comes to comfort, a plush, frieze or even shag carpet may be more what you’re looking for.  Keep in mind that some carpet piles will show vacuum lines or wear patterns more easily. The experts at Floor Coverings International can help you walk through the pros and cons of each carpet option.

What about carpet padding?

Carpet padding is an important piece to the new carpet puzzle.  You want to make sure your flooring is comfortable, but you also need to make sure specifications for the particular carpet are followed.  Installing a carpet pad incorrectly can lead your carpet to become damaged or worn more easily.

Should I Do It Myself?

Carpet installation may seem like a simple task and it may sound temping to take a shot at it yourself to save on installation costs. However, getting the room measured correctly is one step where many DIY-ers fall short.  Sometimes an effort to save turns into added cost and a headache.  Carpet is a lower-cost flooring option and it’s really best to make sure a professional installation gets you the result you want!

Still have carpet questions? That’s okay, the experts at Floor Coverings International in Albuquerque can answer them during a free in-home consultation. We’ll bring the carpet samples right to you!

Photo: Andrei Kobylko