flooring Albuquerque Want your flooring to look stunning for years to come? Help your flooring keep its luster by following these simple tips from Floor Coverings International Albuquerque.

Lose the Shoes

It can be a hard rule to commit to,  but if you can make your home a shoe-free zone your floors will thank you for it. You won’t track in any dirt or debris from outside and you won’t have to worry about scuff marks from sneakers or dents from high heels. Think of everywhere your shoes have been throughout the day; do you really want to track all of that into your home?

Establish a Cleaning Routine

Often we put off cleaning the floors for weeks and months. It’s easy to throw this on the back burner. But instead of trying to tackle every square foot of flooring in one go, establish a routine that fits into your day-to-day. For example, when you finish loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen simply give your kitchen floor a quick sweep. Getting ready to take a shower on the weekend? Give the bathroom floor a quick mop first. Learn how to create your very own flooring cleaning kit.

Don’t Fall Behind on Maintenance

Do you have cracked ceramic tile? Laminate flooring that is peeling at the edges? Maybe you’ve never had your carpet professionally steam cleaned. With each type of flooring, there are certain tasks required to keep the flooring looking its best. With hardwoods, you may need to sand and refinish the flooring. With carpet, it may be time to replace your carpet and start over fresh. Natural stone floors may need to be re-sealed depending on the stone type.

Be Aware of Moisture Risks

Moisture is detrimental to many types of flooring. Moisture can come from the kitchen, a potted plant, fish tanks, or appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Water damage are two words homeowners don’t like to hear. If enough water is involved it can turn into quite a costly repair. So be sure anytime water will be getting on your floor you quickly clean it up before it can sink in and do any lasting harm.

Select the Right Material

It’s essential when you add new floors to get a material that is appropriate for the given space. For example, you don’t want carpet in the kitchen, you need a flooring material that can handle moisture next to a shower, and you need to consider things like traction when choosing a staircase floor or bathroom flooring.

Luckily, the experts at Floor Coverings International Albuquerque are here to help. We can help you select a flooring material that will match your design goals, functional needs, and budget. We will also ensure the flooring is expertly installed. Get started by scheduling a free design consultation or visiting our showroom today!

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