We are still trying to figure out how to get our closet doors back on after the floors were installed. The floors needed to be leveled ao the closet doors need to be trimmed before they can be replaced. The guys who did the work were very pleasant and told us all it would take to do this was a "handyman" . Well, we don't have a handyman or woman. Guess we thought that would be part of the job we paid for; anyway, it seems like the job wasn't finished. The exterior door also did not get the seal replaced; it is still sitting on the porch. But, the floors are beautiful!!
Nyla & Larry Rasmussen
i had 3 quotes for work being done. You were the highest but I decided to go with your company because a friend said I'd be happy with you and the sales person seemed efficient and knowledgeable. However, we ran into unanticipated problems, and while you were good at working with me, I have felt a lack of clear communication. I value efficiency and appreciate being informed at all times. The personnel have all been very courteous although a little hard to reach.
Carol Wilson
Good quality, reasonable pricing, and willing to work with budgets through financing.
Laura Alvarado
Variety of products to choose from.
Phyllis & Mike Zamorski
Workmanship, follow-up, courtesy, professionalism, and a pleasure to do business with this company.. Thank you,. Lyn Sinowitz
The installers ran out of flooring, so they could not finish the job. I waited five days and no one from your company called me to let me know what happened or what was going on. So I called on the sixth day to find out what was going on. I was then told that there was an error in ordering the flooring and that I should feel lucky that there was an error because it saved me $1,500.00, well I didn't say anything but I was thinking that's not the point. The point is that no one called to let me know what was going on. Very poor customer service. Also, if your company would have given me the estimate with the correct amount of flooring, I would have gone with another company, because your company was already higher priced than the other one. I checked online and your company had very good reviews, but so did the other company I almost chose. Now for the guys, Lorenzo was very very nice and was trying to help me as much as he could. I really appreciate that. He's a great guy! Aylisa and Elija, (not sure of spelling) were really great and did an awesome job of laying the flooring! The only reason for the poor rating is because your customer service is lacking. You need to make sure that your customers are aware of what is happening at all times. I know in construction that there can be setbacks and such, but, I should have been notified right away what was going on, along with maybe, an apology. I do love the floors and I would like to thank Clarrisa for her suggestion.
Vickie Mcconnell
We liked the showroom & the quality of carpet you offered. We also liked that the prices were an all in one. (There were no hidden fees) All the employees were very friendly & helpful! Our installers provided excellent work & excellent customer service!
Michelle & Chris Bettez
I was disappointed after the installation was completed. There are two seam lines that are quite noticeable. The installers said it was the type of carpet that caused this and they had spent a lot of time working on the seams. It doesn't look as good as it should.
Allene Hall
While the end product and installation came out very good, there were a lot of issues along the way. First, the contract was signed on November 7, but the installation was not completed until Dec. 19. The first problem was a delay in contacting me when the flooring came in and was ready for installation. I called Clarissa and she found out the flooring had been there for more than a week. The installation was delayed due to this. During the initial installation, an additional delay occurred when doing the floor prep as leveling fluid was needed and not enough was available on the first day. This led to an additional 2 day delay. The next problem occurred when the flooring was being put down. The installer ran out of wood since enough wood was not ordered. At this point the real problem started. An additional box of wood was ordered and 3 times in a row and the wrong floor product was delivered by the flooring company. After the correct wood finally showed up the installation was completed on Dec. 19. Quite a number of little problems for just installing flooring in one 10 x 13 room. In the end, the room looks good and all worked out. Without all of these little issues, I could probably have rated a 9 instead of a 7.
Danny Cook
We had problems with the installation. Delays in showing up, then workers were rushed because they didn't expect this extra job on that day as there was a mixup with scheduling that I, the customer, was not aware of. What I was told would be approx a 3 hr job completed in the morning was drawn out till 6p. I had to cancel commitments because of the delays. I was not impressed.